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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is to make the desires of fulfilment of the environmental and social needs of the society a natural part of the company’s actions and its relations with the partners and to provide sustainable contributions.

The projects of our companies within our group and our shareholders investments in the areas where the education and the health investments are most needed, are listed below :

♦ Darıca M. Gökşen Yücel Lisesi ( High School )

♦ Gebze Kroman İlköğretim Okulu ( Primary School )

♦ Kayseri Ağırnas İlköğretim Okulu  ( Primary School )

♦ Yücel Boru Fen Lisesi ( Science High School )

♦ Yücel Boru Fen Lisesi Öğrenci Yurdu ( Science High School Dormitory )

♦ Kayseri Ağırnas Sağlık Ocağı ( Health Center )

♦ Kayseri Ağırnas Beton Parke Fabrikası ( Concrete Paving Fabric )

♦ Karabük’te Huzurevi ( Retirement Home in Karabük )

♦ Gata (Haydarpaşa) Hemotoloji Servisi ( Hematology Service )

♦ Gata (Ankara) Yanık Merkezi Donatımı ( Burn Center Equipment )

♦ Darıca Farabi Hastanesi Ameliyathanesi ( Hospital Surgery Room )

♦ Darıca Farabi Hastanesi için Yanık Merkezi ( Burn Center for Darıca Farabi Hospital )

With the principle of fulfilment the needs of time-varying and evolving customer requirements, in its industry, our company aimed to lead them by following the innovations and to achieve these goals, our company aimed to work with a qualified and high performance team. As a company, in order to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction "THE ROAD TO SUSTAINABILITY: QUALITY" approach is our company policy. Accordingly, Çelsantaş Inc aimed to

·         Ensure the customer satisfaction in the highest level

·         Protect the environment we work and use the limited resources to have the minimum wastage

·         Work with a team spirit

·         Work with the scarcely any failures

·         Work according to the ISO 9001 norms and improve the new established quality system.