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Human Resources Policy
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Human Resources Policy

Our company, being one of the leading companies of the Turkish Metal Industry and increasing its capacity with its new investments uses its resources efficiently, open to the innovations, sensitive to the employees and the environment, appropriate with the quality standards and customer oriented and uses the human resources to achieve its objectives.

The basic of our policy is; to determine the staff, to determine the qualifications and the capabilities of the required personnel, to plan, choose, hire, authorize, improve, determine the training needs and plan the human resources and to apply the career planning studies according to the scientific methods. Creating value added ideas by making the experiences and knowledges of our stakeholders useful for our company and its employers and to improve creative and innovative systems. Determining the training programmes that aims to provide knowledge, experience and behavior to the employers in the work places, applying these programmes and evaluating the results of these programmes for the benefit of the company. To be respectful to people and the environment, develop systems to prevent accidents at work, increase partnerships that will be formed with the authorities and local governments, keep the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Factors in the forefront, reorganize and take measures to be able to respond to emergencies.

Recruitment Policy

In our company, the Human Resource needs are determined by the Norm Staff studies. Human Resource Plans are included in the annual Budget Plans. In the recruitment process, to serve for the main objective, high motivated human resources that will make cooperation and will always carry forward our work is preferred. For this purpose, recruitment ads are broadcast via internet portal and the CVs are accepted via the application system created in this portal. Also the CVs sent via our official web site will be evaluated. Among the applications, the candidates having the required qualifications are determined and are invited to the job interview. In our company, for the vacancy, first of all, the appropriate human resources of the Group Companies are searched and invited. By these inside placements, a sustainable acceleration in employee career is provided.